Multiaxial non crimp fabrics - NCF

Our multiaxial fabrics made from carbon, glass and aramid fibers have a supportive function. Because of the multiaxial alignment of the fibers, they provide higher stability along with a saving in material. They also allow greater flexibility in component design while cutting the time and expense involved in component manufacture.

Our fabrics are available as unidirectional, bidirectional or multiaxial structures.

Typical properties of multiaxial fabrics:

  • Wide range of design options
  • Load-conforming alignment (0°, 90°, +/- 45°)
  • Optional multilayer design
  • Combination with fiber mats or cut fibers
  • Adjustable drape properties
  • Better mechanical properties due to elongated reinforcement fibers
  • Exactly parallel reinforcement fibers

The multiaxial fiber alignment allows an optimized layer construction.

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